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Redifining Gaming

Product Disclaimers

  • All views, actions and story elements appearing within the game are purely fictional and any resemblance to real life characters or groups is coincidental.
  • Some Images used within the game (and in screen-shots appearing in the website and elsewhere) are copyright of Al Jazeera (hereafter referred as "AJ"). Used under Creative Commons License.
  • Some Video clips used within the game are attributed to AJ, used under CC License. License can be viewed here.
  • Gamebience is not related in any manner to AJ. Use of images (owned by AJ that is used under CC License) in the game does not imply any association with AJ nor does it necessarily imply endorsement of the game by AJ or any third party.

  • While Gamebience owns the Final Ordeal franchise and all games produced under this umbrella, there's no association necessarily between any of Final Ordeal games/sequels and Gamebience's other games/franchise (such as but not limited to 'Cricket Life' franchise).
  • Promotion, endorsement, brand association of a game (such as, but not limited to, 'Cricket Life') produced by Gamebience by any entity, person and/or brand does not imply endorsement or association with Final Ordeal or any other game that Gamebience may produce and/or has produced.
  • All images used in the promotion, marketing and other materials in relation to the product 'Cricket Life 1' is copyright of cFiniti Corp.
  • The rights of using name, image and likeness of Michael E.K. Hussey, a professional cricketer, is limited only to the promotion and marketing of game version 'CLMMVIII' which may be marketed by any one or many commercial names.  'CLMMVIII' is marketed and promoted in many countries as 'Cricket Life 1'.

Version 1.1 February 21, 2011

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