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Gamebience Updates

Gamebience website upgrades and changes on the way

Our website is back online. We are working on upgrading our security and fixes to make sure our server and website remains secure. We are also working on launching a newer version of the website. Stay tuned for updates.

Gamebience enters into a strategic partnership with Xteger Media

Gamebience is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Xteger Media for a period of 3 years. Under the terms of this agreement, Xteger Media will get exclusive access to Gamebience's Intellectual Properties.

This is an exciting news for many followers of Gamebience as this partnership effectively ends the stalemate over Cricket Life franchise. Stay tuned for an exciting joint-release by Xteger Media and Gamebience.

Gamebience at Blackberry Live 2013

Gamebience will be represented at the Blackberry Live 2013 Convention scheduled to take place at Orlando. Gamebience's sister subsidiary is a registered Blackberry Vendor, developing apps for business clients on the Blackberry platform. As a result, Gamebience will also take part in the Convention, to explore new ideas, client and assess new technological trends in the Blackberry platform.

Gamebience India Trademark Case Update

Gamebience, a division of cFiniti Corp, is still waiting for a case hearing following its petition to use Gamebience Trademark and market its products in India. It may be recalled that the real-estate conglomerate, Ambience Limited, had filed a case against Gamebience to oppose the use of Gamebience trademark in India.

Gamebience becomes authorized developer for Android Platform

Gamebience, a division of cFiniti Corp, has become an authorized developer for Android Platforms. Gamebience shall be developing applications and building mobile content for its clients on the Android Platform. In 2011, Gamebience's sister division had acquired BlackBerry Vendor status, developing apps for the Blackberry Platform. Depending upon the client's requirements, Gamebience is equipped to develop content for other platforms by partnering with its other divisions.

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