Custom Software Development

We believe that our skills, knowledge, and work ethic add value to the service and products we offer our clients.  We have experience working with the latest operating systems, programming languages and tools,  database management systems, web development tools, web servers, network protocols, data standards, and e-commerce platforms.

We are an authorized developer for Blackberry, Android and iOS. On request, we can also develop apps for the MacStore and the Windows 8 App Store.

Web Design

Through our subsidiary, Fxivity, we can design and develop a custom website that captures the personality and strengths of your company. Allow our Web Development team to create your organization a unique, one of a kind web-site that will set you apart from your competition. We can rescue you from the endless sea of generic, cookie-cutter websites. We take Web Development seriously and strive to build the best possible website within your budget.

We can also provide custom programming using PHP, Java, and MySQL which provides the tools needed to enhance your website with web-based client/server applications, dynamic data-driven content, searchable databases, surveys, membership/customer/vendor databases, dynamic event calendars, administration tools, and more.

Database Design & Development

We know that in the information age, a large contributing factor to the success of companies is not only their software but accurate data. As such, we develop custom databases for companies that are serious about competing and achieving the dominating role in their industry. When developing custom databases for our clients, we emphasize end-user input to design a database that is efficient, scalable, and easy to maintain and evolve.

We help clients make existing databases more efficient, user friendly, scalable, and low maintenance. We are experienced, trained, and dedicated to your organization’s success.

Need to upgrade or convert your current database. No problem. We have converted databases in excess of a million records with precision accuracy. A company's data is their life-blood and we treat it as such. We will not deploy a database conversion until it has passed our stringent requirements and meets your approval.